On 5E Friday, it’s time for ALL DRAGONS! And Level UP!

We love dragons here at Legendary Games. It’s right there in the name of the Dungeons and DRAGONS game, so 5E Friday is the perfect time to release an incredible collection of delightfully detailed dragons for your campaign with Oops! ALL DRAGONS!  This spectacular

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Ultimate Rulership makes PF2 Kingdom-Building Legendary!

Legendary Games is the undisputed king of kingdom-building rules for Pathfinder RPG and now for Pathfinder Second Edition! Building upon the rules introduced in the Kingmaker Anniversary Edition Adventure Path by Legendary Games and Paizo, Ultimate Rulership is a massive expansion that brings you new rules for

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Fantastic Fey books aplenty, plus a new Dragon’s Hoard!

Last fall’s Ultimate Faeries Kickstarter was a smashing success, and we are pleased to present two more of the print books for this project! You can already get these books in PDF, or preorder the print versions from our Backerkit Pre-Order store, but when

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Bundle of Holding for Beginners and Christmas in July!

We are pleased to partner with our friends at Bundle of Holding for an incredible new offer for 5E fans: Legendary Beginnings! For just $14.95 you get eight awesome adventures specially designed for newer and younger players, PLUS bonus card sets to enhance your game!

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Faerie Campaigns and Faerie Bestiary VTT for PF2sday!

This PF2sday we are proud to present to you our fabulous Faerie Campaigns compendium for Pathfinder Second Edition! This awesome encyclopedia of all things fey, from adventures and archetypes to feats and faerie bargains, plus spells, magic items, and so much more! This

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