Legendary Loot Cards 6


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Terrific Treasures at your Fingertips!


Legendary Loot Cards bring you a wealth of treasures for your DnD 5E campaign, each beautifully illustrated and with complete rules! You’ll find dozens and dozens of magic items of every kind, from the amanuensis scroll to the zero blaster, from common items like the cloak of weakness and endless bandolier to legendary treasures like the mythscourge and beaker of plentiful potions. You’ll find magical implements like the rime scroll and staff of hoarding alongside weapons like the blade of triumph and stasis grenade, as well as all-purpose tools like the conductor’s baton, resplendent robe, nightwatch helm, and spellsurge syrup! Plus, you get bonus rules for epic attunement of items for character who truly have the touch of destiny about them! Items are placed one to a card, save a handful of complex items spread over 2-3 cards. Print the cards you need or order a set of printed cards, perfect to use with your own deck boxes or card sheets!


Legendary Loot Cards bring you a killer collection of handy magic item resources that makes life easy on you as a player or a GM. Just hand out the cards your heroes find and keep them with your character sheet and you’re always ready for action! New sets of Legendary Loot Cards will be releasing quarterly, and you can get new magic items and other 5E rules content every single day at the Legendary Loot Patreon, with FREE magic items every Friday, plus new classes, spells, monsters, and more! If you’re playing 5th Edition, this 103-card deck will definitely help Make Your Game Legendary!


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